Any Washington DC florist will tell you, before selecting your wedding flowers the first step is deciding how much money you want to spend. If you are planning a large reception, you will need centerpieces for each table. Most people also include special corsages for mothers and grandmothers. Each bridesmaid will carry a bouquet, and there should be a boutonniere for each groomsman. Depending on the location of your wedding you may want special flowers for your church or a floral arch for an outdoor ceremony.

The most important arrangement is the bridal bouquet. Be sure to bring a photograph of your gown when you meet your florist. The shape and style of your bridal bouquet depend on the look of your dress. If the dress has a long train, a large, dramatic bouquet can balance the complete appearance. However, if your gown features special details on the skirt, you should not carry a long bouquet that might cover it up. Color is also vitally important. When dealing with Maryland wedding flowers a florist can select the exact blossom that will be sure to compliment your dress. Finally, you can make your bouquet even more personal by integrating a family heirloom such as a lace handkerchief or antique necklace.

There are several other tips to keep in mind when setting up your wedding flowers. The flowers used in your ceremony should be relocated to add to the décor of your wedding reception. When selecting the flowers for your centerpieces, be sure to eschew extremely aromatic flowers that can affect guests who have allergies. Also, remember your flowers are flown in from all over the world. They often come from farms in Holland or South America. To make sure you get the best possible prices on your various blooms, be sure to have your order placed at least six weeks before your wedding. Finally, some flowers, such as hydrangeas, must stay hydrated in order to maintain their beautiful appearance. Make sure someone is available to water arrangements if necessary.

Wedding flowers can be ornate or simple depending on the wedding. Most importantly, they should look as if they were created especially for the bride.